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Subjects Taught
First Grade


I attended the University of Georgia for two years.  I transferred and graduated from Kennesaw College with a Bachelor of Science in Education and obtained my Master's Degree from Berry College. I graduated "With Distinction" from my Master's Degree.


Fairmount Elementary

Berry College Early Learning Center

W. L. Swain Elementary

Cartersville Primary School


And your teacher is…………Mrs. Rena Vaughan


Welcome to First Grade!  I am so excited to be your child’s teacher for such an important time!  We will work hard, play hard and amaze you with what we will be learning!


Just a little background information for you about me….I have been married for 36 years (yes, that makes me OLD!) to Steve.  We have two great children.  Stephen, 26, graduated from Western Illinois, and is employed with the USDA as a Meat Inspector and lives in Greenwood, South Carolina. Stephen got married this past June and we are so glad to welcome his wife, Nicole, into the family.  She is a pharmacist.   Sarah Margaret is  a junior at West Georgia, and we are glad that she is not as far away as her brother was in college. She has recently changed her major to Psychology.  


I have taught for 33 years.  Unbelievable.  This job is still challenging and enjoyable to me.  One of my greatest joys is being able to teach children to read.  I love coming to work and can promise you that I strive to treat each child in my room as if they were my own.  


I believe that students can and will grow academically if they are challenged and are in an environment where they are loved!  That is my goal for your child.  

Mrs. Rena Vaughan