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Important Info and Dates


Conference Month  

October is conference month.  I will be setting up a date and time to meet with all parents to discuss report cards and the GKIDS assessment.

Fall Festival  

Saturday, October 15th @ CPS  10-2pm


Book Fair  

Book Fair- Class Visit 11:45-12:15 am.   

Our class is signed up to attend the book fair on 10/4 from 11:45-12:15 This is our only time and day to go. The only other day and time they will be able to attend is Family Night at the Book Fair, Oct. 6th, 5-7pm. 

Book Character Parade  

Book Character Day Parade will be held on Friday October 28.  The parade will begin at 9:00am outside of the school.  MORE INFO TO COME!!


Our class Fall Party will be held after the parade.  MORE INFO TO COME!!



Please connect with us on SeeSaw to view what goes on in the classroom and to view your childs progress. Invites have been sent home. 


Lunch Time Visitors  

We love it when we have someone come to eat with us! Please be considerate and meet us in the lunch room at our lunch time so that we are not interrupted during academic time. Our time is precious in the classroom! Lunch is 11:00-11:30.


Kindergarten Trucktacular- Community Helpers Visit   
Activity Date: 9/29/2016

Several community helpers from our community will be coming with "big trucks and cars" to help us learn about community helpers in our community. 

Field Trip  

Copper Creek Farm Field trip  


Please make sure no flip flops or sandals are worn on the farm field trip. We will be on a hay ride and walking in lots of dirt and grass. 

Thank you!