Linda Andrews Staff Photo

Mrs. Andrews` Kindergarten Class 

Monday-Red Ribbon Week begins

Tuesday-students will receive a pencil for Red Ribbon Week

Wednesday-look for information one who has gotten a HIGH FIVE this week from eSpark!

Thursday-wear red!

Friday-Book Character Parade 9am---party to follow parade


This week in Kindergarten---

We will begin using both Reading Eggs and Mathseeds in our literacy and math independent work time.  You can use both of these programs at home on your computer or tablet, too.  Look for your child's login information in folders this week.  These are differentiated to suit your child's needs, and are meant to be completed by your child, so he or she can work on math and reading skills at home.

In Reading, we will be enjoying fun Halloween stories all week.  We will compare the adventures of characters in three stories.

Our nursery rhyme will be a song we play on the bells.

We are off to a good start with a new app for literacy and math practice during our work time.  If your child tells you about eSpark, we are learning to use the app to provide each child with differentiated activities in both reading and math.

We will learn more about bats this week in Science. We are writing an informational book about bats, too!

In Math, we will review teen numbers.

In Writing, we will begin using describing words in our sentences to make our sentences more interesting.

Please look at our posts on Seesaw this week! Lots of fun things and good learning coming up!






Dear Parents,


Our class will be having Book Character Parade on October 28, 2016 at 9am.  On that day, each student should come to school dressed up as a character from a favorite book.  The character must be from a book they have read (not just from a movie or cartoon they have watched). 


Please work with your child to plan a costume.  It can be as simple or elaborate as you want to make it.  Just do your best to gather an assortment of hats, clothing or other props to create a costume.  No weapons and please send a change of clothes for your child if needed.  Your child should bring a copy of the book to class that day if possible.  The parade will begin around 9 am.  Bring the family to cheer on your child, your child’s class and the joy of reading! 


Immediately following the parade, we will have our fall party! You will need to go to the front office and sign in after the parade in order to come down to the classroom.  Make sure you bring your licenses to check in.  


We look forward to an exciting day! Thanks for your support with this activity! 


Kindergarten teachers!